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Leg Ring Sizes for most parrot species available in Australia

'Split' Rings Warning

'Split' leg rings i.e. rings that are not a complete solid ring around the bird's leg with no cut or break, can be dangerous for some parrot species. We recommend that split aluminum / aluminium leg rings only be used on species up to the size of Red-rumped Parrots. Parrots such as conures, lories, rosellas and others that size or bigger should have a stainless steel leg ring (split or solid) or the heaviest-grade tube SOLID aluminum ring.

Some conures for example (or their mate) can crush a split aluminum ring tighter onto their leg because the ring is able to overlap where the cut or split is made. Removing an aluminum leg ring that has been crushed onto a birds leg can be done by an experienced bird keeper with the right equipment, but we recommend that you take the bird to a vet for the ring's removal.

Any leg ring should only be placed onto a parrot's leg as a nestling - never as an adult!

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